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Have you got tired of clicking folder icons again and again to go to your frequently used folders? How much time have you wasted on these boring, repetitive actions? Now you can make life easier with SonicFolder.

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Main features:

  • Integrate with Windows Explorer, Desktop, standard Open/Save file dialog, Office's Open/Save File Dialog's shell context menu.
  • Add any folder to the favorite list, and organize them easily.
  • Open favorite/system folder in just two clicks.
  • Open folder in new explorer window, open folder in explorer as root.
  • Navigate history, you can goto recently navigated folders again quickly.
  • Sort favorite by path name, you can find favorite folder more easily. We will add sort by navigate count in next release.
  • Copy selected file/folder's path name, and not only path name, but also leaf name, short name, shortcut's target path name, etc. Transform to lowercase/uppercase, and sort the result.
  • File checksum calculator. Calculate hash value(checksum) for any file, allows you to verify that the file are not corrupted or otherwise unusable. MD5/SHA1/CRC32..., 9 hash algorithms are supported.
  • DOS prompt in selected folder. Open DOS command prompt in the folder you select. You don't need to type in the long path name by hand.
  • User settings, you can modify navigate history depth, menu item width, etc. for your needs.
  • Check for new version easily

OS Support:

  • Windows 2000 / Windows XP


OS: Windows 2000 / Windows XP
Version: Standard Version v1.5.0.2
File Name: sonicfolder.exe
File size: 908 KB ( 929,888 Bytes )
SHA1 hash: 5CD2D454C369246A563DFE37373F02256B2294E3
MD5 hash: 2F98E1CD34FB1863B0382E8825191962
You can use Hashx(free) or Hashx Pro to calculate file hash value.